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The casino is a card game. That has been most popular in casinos in Europe. Including being used as a card game for playing for fun Whether in-flight games or mobile applications The reason casino has become a favorite game for gambling gamblers is due to its immense gameplay style. In which we can know how to use various flair To reduce the chance of loss or loss And increase your chances of winning prizes Whether splitting cards, collecting cards, giving up, or calling for professional online gamblers, most often play casino. Because of losing opportunities or betting results Can be controlled Is at our own discretion It is a betting game that uses little horoscope And mainly focusing on using smarts and cunning.

List of Hungarian casinos

Play online casino Live casino for 24 hours.

1. At the online casino Malaysia, we recommend you to play Live casino online. You can play and apply through the Line or by filling out the form on our membership page. Once you have entered our Vivo Gaming casino, you can choose to sit at your preferred casino table and begin to enjoy betting immediately.

2. At the beginning of the game, the dealer will use approximately 5 – 6 decks for shuffling the cards to deal. We have to go and sit at the table. To place bets A minimum bet of 250 baht can be placed at the standard table. A maximum of 5,000 baht can be played per hand. Cards are dealt with by all players. Including the dealer, The object of the game is to make our cards have the closest score of 21 points. By calling cards continuously When we are satisfied with the points To stop calling When everyone in the table stopped calling The dealer will start calling their own cards. When calling everyone’s cards, both players And the dealer ends To see who has more than 21 points closer That person will win. And received the prize money

How to count points in a casino game

How to count points in a casino game
Numbers such as 2, 3, 4 through to 10 counts the numbers according to the numbers. English letters J, Q, K are counted as 10 points. A is counted as 11 points or can be counted as 1 point depending on the situation. Which we can choose by ourselves For example, when getting K and A cards, we will give A equal to 11 points to combine with K to get exactly 21 points, or to get 9 and 5 and 4 and A cards. We will give A instead of 1 point. When combined they get 20 points.

Staying and drawing cards (Stand & Hit)
Staying and calling cards are the foundation of playing casino. In the event that we do not reach or exceed 21 points, we will have the right to continue calling. (The menu in our online casino is “Draw” and stop calling when satisfied, called “Stay” or Stand)

21 points or getting casino
When our first 2 cards add up to 21 points, they are called the casino and receive a prize of 1.5 times. For example, when placing a bet of 100 baht, it receives 150 baht, excluding the capital, similar to playing with a bounce. Is to win the bet in that round immediately

Staying and drawing cards (Stand & Hit)

Double bet – Double Down
We can place 1 more bet from the example above. For example, when we ask to separate the cards and the 1st hand gets a K card, we bet 100. We can increase the bet to 200 baht, but only one more card is allowed. If we score more than the dealer, the rate will be 1 to 1.

Split cards
When we get the same 2 cards, we can separate the cards, meaning we will bet on 2 hands, for example, bet 100. When we get K and K, we can split the cards. But must place the same bet to become the 1st hand to get a K card, place a bet of 100 and the second hand to get a card of K, place a bet of 100, then continue to deal cards as normal But if we get a card, 21 will not be counted as casino. If the dealer gets 21 points, it is not a tie. And we will lose bets If we score more than the dealer, the rate will be 1 to 1.

Insurance card bet
When the dealer turns their first card into an A, we can ask for a deposit. By placing only half of the bet already placed For example, placing a bet of 100 baht can ask for a deposit of only 50 baht. When the dealer opens the second card to get 10, which is equal to the casino, we will win the bet. And receive a reward of 2 times the value of the deposit of 50 baht will receive 100 baht, excluding capital. If the dealer does not issue the casino, we will lose the deposit. And the game continues

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